Dr. Laurence

Meet the friendly staff at Exotic Animal Care!


Sometimes great things come when you least expect them. EAVC  was thinking about adding another veterinarian to our staff after the f  first of the year but when Dr. Kanfer received an outstanding resume  from Dr. Laurence Labrecque we knew immediately we had to hire  her.

Dr. Laurence graduated from the University of Montreal where she  learned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and this Canadian comes  to us with a lot of experience in exotic medicine. She gained    familiarity with birds of prey working at a rehabilitation center during  vet school. She did externships at numerous zoos throughout the  world including The Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, The  Assiniboine Zoo in Manitoba  and our own Santa Barbara Zoo. Her  wildlife experience came from volunteering at a wildlife rehab center  in Belize. Dr. Laurence continued to expand her experience when  she participated in a spay and neuter clinic in Northern Canada’s  First National Villages. This clinic was designed to help counteract a  pet overpopulation problem within Canada's Native American population.Dr. Laurence cut her teeth in the “real world” when she worked for an exotic and companion animal practice. She also developed an exotics’ protocol and trained the staff members in exotic animal medicine for an animal shelter in the Montreal area

Dr Laurence treats all exotic species seen at EAVC but has a soft spot for the smaller parrots. Because of this love for the little guys, she earned the nickname “the budgie vet.” She also has a big interest in small mammal dentistry. Dr. Laurence strongly believes client education is one of the most important aspects of the veterinary profession especially for our exotic companions. In addition, she is a big proponent of preventative medicine for all species.

Dr. Laurence is already enjoying SoCal's weather. She loves all water sports, including kite-surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving in water that gets above 50 degrees during the summers. She is also contemplating buying another motorcycle now that she can ride year -round.

EAVC is pleased to have Dr. Laurence as the newest member of our team. We are confident she is going to be a tremendous asset to Exotic Animal Veterinary Center, our clients, and most importantly our patients. Dr Laurence is now accepting appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays. Thursdays and Fridays.