Exotic Animal Veterinary Center is proud to announce we have created a charitable fund to offer grants to clients who need financial assistance to provide life-saving care for their pets.

All too often, even the best pet owners can find themselves financially unprepared to do what is needed to save their pet and face a heart-wrenching decision if they cannot afford treatment.

What is Veterinary Care Foundation?

The Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable foundation created for the specific purpose of helping veterinary practices provide care to pet owners in financial crisis.
100% of the donations made to our fund go to our patients.

How Does EAVC Use It's VCF Charitable Funds?

Charitable contributions can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Good Samaritan cases

  • CareCredit/Scratchpay/AllPetsCard denied clients

  • Clients experiencing financial difficulties

How Does A Pet Qualify for Funds From VCF?

  • Cases must be urgent matters

  • A veterinarian must examine the patient and confirm there is a good prognosis without fatal injuries or unrecoverable symptoms

  • The owner must state a financial need

  • The owner must apply for CareCredit/Scratchpay first

How To Donate By Check:

Please make the check payable to:
Veterinary Care Foundation
16550 NW 46th Street
Morrison, FL 32668
(Our practice name [Exotic Animal Veterinary Center] should be noted on the memo line of the check)

How To Donate Online:

1. Click this link: Donate
2. Your screen will have Exotic Animal Veterinary Center auto-filled as the veterinary practice.


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