Buyers Guide for Health Insurance

Insurance Buyers Guide

1. Decide what kind of coverage you want for your pet. Pet Insurance coverage is divided into medical and wellness categories.

​​​​​​​Major Medical Plan:

  • Comprehensive, covers accidents, illnesses, and hereditary conditions

  • $25 to $35/month

Wellness Plan

  • Usually only covers preventive care exams and vaccines and some other routine services​

  • $19 to $27/month

​2. Look at prices and value. Weigh what you're paying against what you're getting. There's no point in buying a plan just because it's cheap if it doesn't cover what you need.

  • Deductibles affect value.

  • Per-incident deductibles apply to every new claim you file before you will be covered.

  • Annual deductibles only need to be met once a year for full coverage to kick in.

3. Research the factors affecting your coverage. Be sure you understand what is and is not covered, as well as when and why those things might change.

  • Restrictions on coverage if the claim is filed?

  • Penalized because the pet gets sick?

4. Look at the company’s track record for dependability.

  • How long have they been in business?

  • Pick one with the most stability, experience, and recommendations

5. Bird and Exotic Pet Insurance

  • Nationwide is the only company offering insurance for birds and other exotic pets.

  • Their plans cover accidents and illnesses, exams, lab fees, and prescriptions.

  • 888-899-4874 is the number for Nationwide’s Exotic Coverage

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