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“Just.. wow. I’m pretty sure that my cockatiel just received better healthcare than I’ve ever received! Dr. Wills and the rest of the staff were so nice, accommodating and knowledgeable. I could not have fathomed how much I would’ve learned about literally everything regarding my cockatiel as well as how thoroughly she would’ve been examined. They have private rooms and incubators, it’s the classiest veterinary center and they were looking after my cockatiel for over 3 hours! The only drawback was that the amount of time this would take was not communicated properly (we were initially told this was supposed to be a 30 min to 1 hour visit) and the cost which was a lot! I probably would not come here often but it was worth an initial checkup and all the knowledge we received.”

Andreas “Aris” Aristidou

“They are the only vet I phoned that didn't require a payment just to make an appointment! They we're fast to make me an appt, and super nice. This is a plus when trying to find a vet. My pet rat Mocha Lady has a huge tumor growing😔on her chest, & I'm really hoping when bring her in, they will be able to help her. Thank u!”

Andrea Hoffman

Had to put down my pet rat on 5/13 and the office sent a hand signed card with her paw prints. It was so touching and really made my day. Thank you to the Vet and everyone who cared for her, you guys were great.

Emily Shrier

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