Dr. Sari Kanfer

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Sari Kanfer

Dr. Sari Kanfer, originally from New York City, was able to escape the big city and attend veterinary school at Colorado State University. Shortly before vet school she became hooked on rabbits and later followed her addiction to the west coast. After 10 years of building a great clientele in the exotic pet community, she opened the Exotic Animal Veterinary Center as a full service hospital dedicated to high quality, compassionate veterinary care for avian and exotic pets. Dr. Kanfer believes that no matter how small or unusual your pet is, it deserves the best veterinary medicine has available.

Dr. Kanfer is our resident small mammal guru and sees primarily rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. She has a special bond with the rabbits and is well-known for her extensive medical knowledge in treating them. Dr. Kanfer is also well versed in treating dental issues with rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Dr. Kanfer has been featured on NBC Los Angeles.com discussing rabbit ownership and was also featured on ABC LA News discussing Santee Alley bunnies. She has written articles in numerous publications discussing exotics. Dr. Kanfer not only “talks the talk” but “walks the walk” with the 11 rescued bunnies with chronic health issues that live with her.

Dr. Kanfer’s special interests involve cutting edge veterinary care for mammals, and she provides advanced therapeutics, ranging from extensive dental abscess surgeries, rhinotomies, blood transfusions, and feeding tubes, to abdominal surgeries, and cancer treatment. She also advises owners on mammal behavior and trains them to care for their geriatric and paretic pets.