Patient Center

 At Exotic Animal Veterinary Center, we are  devoted exclusively to the veterinary care  of unique pets. We see almost any sort of  exotic pet you can think of, with few  exceptions. We also treat injured or  abandoned wildlife and when possible,  release them  back into their natural  habitats.

 Quality Medicine
 We believe in offering the best veterinary medicine  available for your beloved pet. We practice high  quality, advanced medicine with a compassionate  touch.  Just because our companions are small, doesn’t mean they are any less deserving of the best medical care. Whether its surgery to remove a tumor from a rat, spaying a bird with reproductive tract disease, managing a guinea pig with heart disease, administering antivenin to a pot-bellied pig bitten by a rattlesnake, or treating your rabbit’s dental abscess, we are here to help.

 State of the Art
 Exotic Animal Veterinary Center utilizes state of the art equipment, including digital  radiography, ultrasound, rigid endoscopy,  in-house laboratory machines for  immediate blood test results, and a high  quality dental machine. All animals  undergoing anesthesia are closely  monitored, including blood pressure,  temperature, heart and respiratory rates. All non-routine surgeries are managed with intravenous fluids. Analgesia is a top priority, and a pain management plan is created for every animal. We do everything possible to make sure your pet comes through anesthesia without any problems.

Compassionate Care
Compassion for pets and owners is just as important as our medical expertise. We spend extra time with owners discussing proper pet care in depth, perform a thorough nose to tail exam, educate owners regarding any health issues, and offer diagnostic and treatment options to fit different budgets.  Then we make sure that owners feel comfortable administering any medications we may dispense. Hospitalized pets are kept on soft towels, with a selection of enticing food choices, and if shy, given a place to hide. We closely monitor animals and do everything we can to make them feel comfortable. Visits by owners are encouraged as well.