Dr. Curtis Eng

Dr. Sari Kanfer

Dr. Curtis Eng, one of our part time doctors, spent a large part of his career in zoo medicine before trading his “walk on the wild side” for a calmer stroll at EAVC. Dr. Eng has a special interest in reptiles and is the parent of eight (Yes, 8!) snakes. He also has an affinity for our feathered friends but is more than capable of treating our furry patients as well. When not practicing at EAVC, Dr.Eng puts on his professor hat and shares his knowledge with students enrolled in the Veterinary School at Western University. He was also instrumental in helping EAVC become the first exotics preceptor site for these veterinary students.

​​​​​​​Dr.Eng is known around the clinic and to his clients as EAVC’s “Zen Doc” because of his extremely calming presence, which is helpful in a clinic full of women.

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