Pet Memorials

On behalf of the staff at Exotic Animal Care, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dear Exotic Animal Care Center,

 My husband and I would like to thank your staff, Dr.  Michelle Jack, and Dr. Sara Wills for trying to save  our boa's life. Nergal fought as much as he could but  his disease has progressed quickly. Our animals are  our children. It breaks our hearts to have to  euthanize him. We know we are ending his suffering  in the most humane way possible. Thank you for  everything and I know the staff had lots of fun with  him. He was the sweetest snake ever. Never hissed.  Never bit anyone. Never showed aggression towards  anything, not even his food! haha! When we first  bought him from the tiny pet store, he had no  substrate and was almost hidden behind stacks of  substrate bags. When we brought her own, his new  home was ready for him. First thing that he did, was  dive his head into the substrate and then poking his  head out! It was the cutest thing ever! He didn't even need to acclimate. He ate right away! We gave him a very loving and nice home for the 1 1/2 years we had him. We fed him well and he shed nearly every month and gained lots of weight, that he needed to gain. He was loved by all and was help by people who were deathly afraid of snakes. He did well in public! Pretty awesome feeling when your snake can show people that snakes aren't all bad! 

It was a very difficult 3 weeks for us and we hope we did the right thing and we hope that we can heal from this. We lost our beloved 12 year old iguana 3 years ago. We have other pets to spread our love to and hope to visit you again, but on better terms. Ya know? Dr Wills insured us we were doing the right thing. She told us as much as she could to make us feel better about our decision. We cried the entire day....

Thanks again, we will miss our dear Nergal. Means everything to us that your staff tried and that we did everything we could. We loved him up to the very last second. 


Chris and Brenda Jones

August 5, 2014

Beardy was my little brothers bearded dragon. He was very friendly and loved by all who met him.

July 3, 2014

Maybelle, my belle, you are forever in my heart and soul, nella mia anima e cuore. Thank you for your beautiful feathers you left while you were here with me. Que belle penne. Sunny

June 2, 2014

Peter Rabbit was the most fun-loving and happy rabbit. He showed us there’s no limit to love. We cared so much for him. Dr. Kanfer restored his teeth to basically normal, she helped aid us in his bed rest because when we found him he had a broken pelvis. Time has gone by so fast. Our time with Peter was wonderful. He was super funny with a huge heart. Although I was not with him when he passed, I know his experience here was a great one. His bunny dances were the best. He encouraged happiness in this house. He’ll never be forgotten. I will love you forever pops. Caroline Quick

5 September 2012

In Memory of CB

My friend CB died today.  She had been in ill health for quite some time and had lost considerable weight fighting these many illnesses, and her health struggle had no doubt weakened her and her immune system.   Her arthritis, for example, had advanced to where she had extensive difficulty getting up.  Earlier this year she had received radiation treatments to shrink a tumor that was compressing her heart and lungs.  In recent weeks we had to bring food to her and help her feed herself.  She was a fighter and fought hard.  But sadly, this morning she passed from congestive heart failure.

CB was more than a friend; she was also a mentor.  I learned much from her over the years I had known her.  She taught me about what’s really important when dealing with life’s issues and how to properly set priorities.  She showed me how to appreciate the simple things in life, and not to fret over the “small stuff” – and most importantly, how to tell the difference.  The simple things are the fundamental life forces that make us who we are, but the “small stuff” is trivia. 

She taught me more about social dynamics than I ever learned from any other being.  She had a natural insight into social behavior, and I quickly found that one was well-served to observe her practice.  She chose her friends wisely, maintaining the attitude that life is too short to dwell on negativity.  She was secure enough to hug and snuggle those she liked, and sufficiently self-confident to reject those who would frustrate her.

She had a keen intelligence and an acute awareness of her environment.  She was most curious about everything around her, and she was forever exploring.  Nothing escaped her, for she wanted – and needed – to know.  She would thoroughly digest the newspaper, treating each section with equal eagerness and zeal.  Her vocabulary impressed everyone.  Her domineering personality was readily apparent to anyone who knew her, as she was quite headstrong, but in a nice way.  She knew her own mind. 

She was continually mindful of her health and diet, and her frustration with her recent illness was quite obvious.  When she was healthy, she had been able to carefully maintain a balanced diet, preferring fresh vegetables and salad greens daily.  She kept herself very well groomed and was meticulous about her personal hygiene.  Even with her latest illness she was concerned with being presentable. 

And she knew how to have fun.  Before her illness, she would kick up her heals and bring the whole room alive with her antics.  In her younger years she has been known to dance on the kitchen table!  She never took herself too seriously.

CB was a life force that enriched all who ever knew her.  Everyone loved her.  But now, as is the fate of all living beings, she has passed through Nature to Eternity, and we will miss her deeply.

Oh, did I mention that CB was a rabbit?  “CB” means Cute Bunny. 

P. Moynihan